Mickey Rourke is out of Expendables 2

Awesome cast just got less awesome

Mickey Rourke may have cut his usual fee for The Expendables as a favour to his old pal Sylvester Stallone, but it seems his goodwill isn’t going to extend to the sequel. 
Rourke has left the project because he wasn’t offered enough money to make it.  We're officially crushed. 
It’s a MASSIVE shame, Rourke was by far the best thing in Expendables -  his speech about his time in Bosnia involved such great acting it felt weirdly out of place.  
Sure, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and possibly Nicolas Cage and John Travolta will be joining the rest of the Expendables crew for the follow-up, but it’s simply not going to be the same without Mickey.
Rourke is going to make something called Seven Psychopaths instead. It's about a screenwriter who kidnaps a gangster’s dog. 
Oh, Mickey, what a pity.  

 Will you miss Mickey? Tell us!


    • blade32

      Oct 19th 2011, 13:15

      i wont miss him. he was only in the 1st one for a few minutes anyway.

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    • mcghater

      Oct 19th 2011, 13:16

      fu ck

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    • jakeadams05

      Oct 19th 2011, 16:23

      seriously, who gives a s**t? he's overrated anyway.

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    • bcrklein92

      Oct 19th 2011, 19:12

      This article is stupid and poorly thought out. It is not confirmed that he left due to money, it is only mused upon in the cited article. Perhaps Rourke decided that he'd rather not star in the sequel to a poor excuse of an action movie, and would rather work with Oscar-nominated Martin McDonagh, as well as a great cast that includes Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken. Gee, that sounds a lot cooler than "something called Seven Psychopaths... about a screenwriter who kidnaps a gangster's dog," as you backhandedly described it. If you're going to be butthurt over a crappy movie that you somehow liked, that's ok, just don't let it translate into s****y journalism.

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    • GarthMarenghi

      Oct 19th 2011, 23:38

      "...Rourke was by far the best thing in Expendables - his speech about his time in Bosnia involved such great acting it felt weirdly out of place." WRONG. Dolph was the best thing about The Expendables. I can easily live without another extreme close-up of gelatinous drool hanging off Rourke's rubbery lips in the sequel, to be honest. Seeing as his character was supposedly being killed off to kickstart the plot for part 2, I guess they'd just open with all our favourite leathery old lunk-heads gathered around his coffin instead of showing his demise. His departure shouldn't force them to change too much.

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    • Seedorf

      Oct 20th 2011, 15:28

      Not too bothered really. Plenty of stuff will be blown up for more mindless silly fun. :D

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    • aragorn01

      Oct 27th 2011, 4:15

      i've heard bout this 7 psychos movie for quite a long time, even before expendables 2 was confirmed to be green lit...so, it might be a case of scheduling conflict. i mean, c'mon...mickey's credited sly as one of his few real friends during the bad times, and, plus, he's not stupid. he should know that he's not the center piece in expendables...so, it might not be bout the money, after all. then again...he's quite notorious for being moody and unpredictable...so who knows? he might actually end up to be in the movie, in the end...

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    • chinamikey

      Nov 15th 2013, 23:12

      I only now saw #2 on Netflix, and I kept waiting for Mickey to show up. All through the film one great surprise after another, as other great actions stars appeared, but no Mickey. I think he made a big mistake, but Mickey isn't known for his grand intelligence when it comes to managing his career. He got two lucky breaks over the last six years or so. "The Wrestler", and "Iron Man 2", "Expendables" (which I am sure he was offered ONLY because of the "Wrestler"). That "Immortals" flick was just a money grab. Wonder if he will return for #3?

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