Monsters and Mantis style

The first promo for Igor and new footage from Kung Fu Panda

It’s always good to see when a new CG animated film strikes a slightly different tone from the avalanche of animals and ogres – so Igor, from The Weinstein Company looks like a breath of fresh air and a lot of fun.

John Cusack voices an Igor, the standard servant to a mad genius who decides he’s sick of the switch-pulling game and wants to create his own invention. Of course, he’s not exactly great at it… Pull the switch to see the trailer at Yahoo.

Meanwhile, the team who, ahem, brought us the avalanche of animals and ogres (DreamWorks Animation) are back with… animals – but these animals know kung fu! Which automatically makes them cooler. Kung Fu Panda is their latest release and you can take a look at the trailer.

source:(Yahoo Movies)


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