Monsters director Gareth Edwards to helm Godzilla

Will reboot the giant lizard

Gareth Edwards

Legendary Pictures have finally found the perfect director for their Godzilla reboot in Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards.

Having made 2010’s stand-out alien film Monsters on a shoe-string budget and a home computer, the British director has been selected to help the studio take Godzilla back to his roots.

Heat Vision report that Edwards will be working with an unnamed screenwriter in developing the film, which Legendary bought the rights for almost a whole year ago.

Which clearly is fantastic news. We can’t think of anybody better to take on the film, considering Edwards’ gutsy, guerilla approach, and his knack for clever visuals and restrained special effects.

We don’t doubt that he’ll deliver the kind of reboot we’re all hankering after – a Nega version of what Roland Emmerich gave us back in 1998, if you will.

Not only that, but Edwards is also working on a futuristic sci-fi project with Timur Bekmambetov. Looks like we just found 2011’s new favourite director.

Is Edwards the right man for the job? Drop your suggestions below...


    • Oofarvoo

      Jan 7th 2011, 15:59

      2010’s stand-out alien film?? Must have been a tight year, It's not even a monster film! The film's pretty good, but don't confuse it for a Monster film, or a film with lots of Monster in it, as you will be very disappointed. It's a road movie with some monster tension. It's exactly what you'd expect from a film with a budget of a maxed out credit card. It's exactly the film George Lucas couldn't make.

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    • robotjox

      Jan 7th 2011, 16:49

      As Oofarvoo said, it was a road movie. Guerilla shaky cam + Godzilla = Cloverfield. Can't Hollywood try thinking out of the box for a change or did Ang Leees Hulk scare them away from attaching directors to films outside of their comfort zone?

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