Monsters University gets a brilliant website

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Monsters University, Pixar’s eagerly-awaited prequel to Monsters, Inc., is quietly positioning itself as one of the most exciting filmic prospects of 2012.

A new tie-in website has been launched at, and rather than being a bland assortment of your usual promo material, it presents itself as an actual educational institution, with student testimonials, admissions info, alumni news and tons more.

Check it out, though be warned, you could easily end up losing your day to this incredibly detailed tie-in.

This approach is always a winner with us, favouring world-building detail over the hard sell, and increasing our anticipation without resorting to a deluge of spoilers.

We’re extremely tempted by an MU hoodie too (though it’s a shame the four-armed t-shirt is out of stock).

Monsters University takes a trip down memory lane to visit Mike and Sulley during their days in higher education, before they were Monstropolis’ top scare team.

It opens in the UK on 12 July 2013 (although those lucky US-based folk get it on 21 June).

What’s your favourite part of the website? Tell us below!


    • FBJRider

      Oct 9th 2012, 15:34

      100 furry sophomores meet for five minutes in the Quad. Four different fur colors are represented. 50% of the students are blue, 30% green, 15% red, and 5% orange. Between the 100 students are 644 arms. Assuming the arms are proportionately distributed, what is the probability that a randomly observed high five will be between a furry green hand and a furry red one? A. 18% B. 22% C. less than 1% D. 4.5% E. 13.92%

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