Monsters University to be directed by Dan Scanlon

“We’re very excited about it”

monsters university

Monsters, Inc. follow-up Monsters University has landed a director in Pixar stalwart Dan Scanlon.

Pixar pres John Lasseter has confirmed that Scanlon will be helming the film, saying:

“Yes! Dan Scanlon is directing Monsters University! We’re very excited about it. Kori Rae is producing.”

Previously, Scanlon worked as a writer on Cars, and co-directed the short Mater And The Ghostlight.

If those Cars credentials are scaring you, rest easy – Scanlon also worked as story artist on Toy Story 3 and produced Up.

Both Billy Crystal and John Goodman will return for Monsters University, which is being touted as a prequel to Monsters, Inc. that follows Mike and Sully as rivals in college.

Monsters University opens November 2012.

Excited for a new Monsters movie? Or should Pixar stop doing sequels in favour of original stories? Drop your thoughts below...


    • HugeJackedman

      Apr 1st 2011, 15:22

      Just look at Toy Story 3 - Pixar should definitely not stop making sequels. You can count on Pixar because they don't just put out sequels for money, they make sure they have a great story before going ahead with them. Toy Story 2 and 3 really delivered, and I am excited for another Monsters film because I missed the first one in theaters!

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