More Dark Knight Rises footage hits the net

Batman goes downtown

Starring Wally Pfister as DP and Christopher Nolan as The Man, this Dark Knight Rises footage shot in downtown Los Angeles is the best we've seen for a while. 
Chris Nolan's shoot currently includes plenty of cop cars, Bat vehicles and moody shots of the Dark Knight wandering down an alley in what looks like the wrong part of town (is there a right part of town in Gotham?). 
Plus, awesome Gotham Police Department SWAT truck. Want! 

Still amazed at how big this blockbuster shoot is? Or bored of the YouTube footage and eager to see a new official trailer? Let us know below!


    • aleks989

      Oct 13th 2011, 23:02

      I haven't even looked at it ! I wanna see this movie the way its meant to be seen and hope that we can get an official trailer, because I just can't take it anymore with these spoilers flying around ...

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    • Impulse

      Oct 14th 2011, 7:14

      Couldn't agree more with ya aleks989. Everybody has a camerphone these days, sites like total film keep releasing this type of footage.

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    • revan1138

      Oct 14th 2011, 13:13

      total film more like total spoil the film before it's release.stop this now.

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    • liamio2802

      Oct 14th 2011, 13:59

      Show some self control or yknow dont visit a website whose job it is to put up movie news, like it or not the fact that this info is out there makes it news.

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    • FuzzyChanny

      Oct 14th 2011, 15:08

      It's not like the title said something like "Win free tickets to the Dark Knight Rises premiere" and misled you to the page. If you read the title and still came to the page, then you only have yourself to blame for spoilers. Stop ranting about nothing.

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