More Where The Wild Things Are Posters

Character banners for four more Wild Things


Last week we brought you character banners for Max and some of the Wild Things, and earlier this week some movie stills featuring those characters, plus several more.

Now we have the final set of banners for the Wild Things. Score.

Rounding out the populace of Max's imaginary world are Alexander, Douglas, Ira and The Bull, voiced by Paul Dano, Chris Cooper, Forrest Whitaker and Michael Berry Jr. respectively.

Take a look at the posters below, and get even more excited for Spike Jonze's adaptation of the beloved children's book;

Where The Wild Things Are is released in the UK on December 11th.

On a scale of 1-11 - how excited are you for this film?


    • badhorse

      Sep 18th 2009, 15:02

      Is it just me or does Alexander look a lot like Seth Green?

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    • maninacan

      Sep 18th 2009, 19:06

      no he does maybe hes the voice

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