Mr Vengeance remake?

Dum, dum, dum, another one bites the dust...


Really, we are trying to bring you some good news in these bleak, snowed-in times.

But when it’s between reporting that yet another production has hit the skids (today it’s Darren Aronofsky’s Robocop floundering in film hell), or a project that is actually getting made, we’re left with this...

So, Variety are saying that Chan-Wook Park’s Sympathy for Mr Vengeance has been snagged by Warner Bros. for a remake. Brian Tucker, who penned Broken City, is going to be scribbling the English-speaking script.

The only thing that gives us a tiny spark of hope is that Paranormal Activity producer Steven Schneider is also producing this one. Which could either mean we’re going to get a very odd shaky-cam version of Vengeance, or something a little bit different.

The original film told the story of two men who lose the women they love, and set out to avenge them. Only to discover that they are the ones responsible for each other’s losses. It’s bloody, and bloody brilliant.

No word yet if the WB plan on remaking the entire Vengeance trilogy, but if this does well at the box office, expect some very speedy green lights...

Another remake, eh? Got any thoughts? Shove ‘em in the box below...


    • Joker

      Jan 7th 2010, 16:35

      I love the original vengeance trilogy so this is not good at all. poo!

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