Murray warming to Ghostbusters 3?

He loves it, he hates it, he...loves it?


And so the Ghostbusters 3 will he/won’t he-o-meter takes yet another swing, with Bill Murray making some positive noises about a return to the franchise.

Having described the idea of a third movie as “a nightmare” and “crazy talk” on Letterman back in March, Murray has now told that he isn’t entirely against the idea.

Not that the reservations have gone away entirely, mind.  “We made a great movie, and then we made another one,” he said, “so we went to the well twice. It’s almost impossible to do the second film as well. Only horror movies get better as they go along because they have more money to spend on more crazy effects.”

All of which are fair points, but it seems that Murray could yet be swayed by a wave of nostalgia.

“I actually thought the other day- it's just become so irritating - but I actually heard people (talking), young people that (had) heard of the movie when they were kids and I thought, 'You know, maybe I should just do it. Maybe it'd be fun to do.’”

“The guys are funny”, he continued, “and I miss (Rick) Moranis and Annie (Potts) and Danny (Akroyd). Those people are some people that were really, you know, I miss them. I think that's really a big part of it.”

Not a confirmation then, by any means, but at least a sign that he could still be swayed. We get the feeling that Bill might just do it to shut everyone up, as it’s clear he’s not going to stop getting asked about this until there’s a definite answer, one way or another.

Lets hope somebody strikes while the iron is hot, and makes a serious play to get Murray on board while he’s in an agreeable frame of mind! We don’t want to still be asking him about this when he’s eighty…

Want to see Bill suit-up again, or should we all leave the poor guy alone?

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 28th 2010, 8:30

      Leave the franchise alone.

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    • martynburrow

      Apr 28th 2010, 10:34

      Just do it, Bill!

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    • RaveyDaveyGravy

      Apr 28th 2010, 12:50

      horror movies get better? Really? Even Saw?

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    • cleanbreak

      Apr 28th 2010, 13:45

      It could just be that he's to'ing' and fro'ing' to get a little more control over the script. After the disaster of ghostbusters 2, I think it's just possible that he's doing the whole song and dance thing to entice the bigwigs into commissioning a comedy/horror classic, rather than the feeble McDonald's franchise wannabe it could really easily be. If this is the case, "Behind ya Bill".

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    • skinjob

      Apr 28th 2010, 13:51

      For christ's sake Bill you did Garfiled and you're mulling this over - do you think in your wildest dreams this will be as bad!!! I love you man, just do it!!!

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    • ascohen01

      Apr 28th 2010, 23:25

      What is everyone's problem with Ghostbusters 2 ? That film is frickin brilliant !!!

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    • markrobertson

      Apr 29th 2010, 13:41

      Just do it Bill, eh. Just do it!

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    • martynburrow

      Apr 29th 2010, 15:02

      I agree with ascohen01 - I loved watching Ghostbusters 2 at the cinema as a kid!!! Bring on the 3rd film!

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