Nestor Carbonell returning for The Dark Knight Rises

Nolan still looking to cast a kitchen sink

In another minuscule (but still interesting for obsessives) update, Variety are reporting that Nestor Carbonell will reprise his role as the Mayor of Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises.

Carbonell didn't have a huge amount of screentime in the last movie, but it'll be nice to see him return for continuity's sake.

This news will aslo ignite speculation as to how the character could fit in with the threequel's storyline.

A few days ago, it was announced that a few smaller roles had been cast in the Nolan's threequel, further amping up our anticipation for things to come.

With shooting set to begin imminently, excitement has been at fever pitch. Knowing Nolan's admirable inclination towards secrecy, it could be a long time until we get any official images of new characters, or even a teaser trailer to abate our fervour.

Carbonell and returning cast members Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are joined by newbies Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Juno Temple for Rises, which is expected to bring Nolan's series to a definitive close.

Filming is set to begin in May, so there's not much time for more small-fry casting announcements like this.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on 20 July 2012.

Do you like hearing every little detail about The Dark Knight Rises' development? Or could you not care less about Nestor Carbonell's return? Vent your thoughts below…


    • Porkchopexpress

      Apr 17th 2011, 18:08

      Slow news day? Hardly an earth shattering revelation, I wonder if the masked SWAT guy who was in the Paddy Wagon with Harvey Dent will return?!? He was awesome, really expressive eyes and wore his kevlar with a certain style. Pointless!

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    • gonzoBen

      Apr 17th 2011, 19:28

      @porkchopexpress: Film fan much? This is a nice little update, especially as it's a SUNDAY. Keep it up TF.

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    • Gav83

      Apr 18th 2011, 2:25

      Jez porkchop who pist in your corn-flakes?

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    • DanRose

      Apr 18th 2011, 11:05

      porkchop... not on here much are you??

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    • Porkchopexpress

      Apr 18th 2011, 21:23

      Such a sensitive bunch eh? While I am looking forward to Nolan's third entry into Batlore, we've had a lot of casting news ad infinitum. My response was less a criticism of TF and more of the slow drip feed of information, some of it redundant in my opinion, by the Studio and producers.

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