New Avengers clip arrives online: watch now

Features Maria Hill and Nick Fury

The Avengers has debuted a second official clip from the film, with Cobie Smulders presenting some new material while being interviewed by David Letterman.

The new clip shows Nick Fury and Maria Hill discussing the relative merits of an evacuation after the Tesseract's energy spirals beyond S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control.

As you'll recall, the Tesseract was what gave Red Skull his formidable armoury in Captain America, before Howard Stark retrieved it at the film's finale.

Take a look at the new clip, below…

Sam Jackson is on wonderfully authoritative form here, and it's nice to see him in extended action, having previously been restricted to brief interludes at the end of the earlier Marvel movies. We just hope that if the world does look set to come to an end one day, Jackson will be called upon to handle the situation.

The Avengers (AKA Avengers Assemble) will open in UK cinemas on 26 April.

What did you think of the new clip? Tell us, below.


    • SiMan

      Apr 10th 2012, 13:17

      Still don't like that they've gone with the 'Ultimate Comics' version of Fury - Sam Jackson is just too cool to be the head of an international spy organisation like Shield.

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 13th 2012, 21:45

      @SiMan, yeah I agree they should've totally got the Hoff back

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