New Avengers image released online

Cap, Hawkeye and Black Widow mean business

The Avengers arrives in UK cinemas in just a matter of months, and Marvel have whetted our appetites still further with the release of a shiny new image featuring three of the team preparing for action.

The new shot shows Captain America striding purposefully towards the camera, flanked by SHIELD operatives Hawkeye and Black Widow. Pretty badass, we think you’ll agree.

It’s particularly nice to see Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson given some exposure in a promotional campaign that has naturally focused a lot of attention upon marquee names Thor, Hulk, Cap and Iron Man.

Just two more months to go before the film finally lands, which means all the speculation over cameos, storylines and the identity of Loki’s army will soon be coming to an end. And although we’re ridiculously excited by the final product, we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t miss the hype.

The Avengers
opens in the UK on 27 April 2012. After that, we’ll just have to wait for The Amazing Spider-Man. And then there’s The Dark Knight Rises... it’s a big year for spandex, isn’t it?

Which of the big three superhero movies are you most excited about? Tell us your preference, below.


    • alexr

      Feb 22nd 2012, 12:52

      What? No talk of a Scarlett Johansson clone? I'm disappointed!

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    • FBJRider

      Feb 22nd 2012, 13:42

      Gotta love spandex

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    • FBSGal

      Feb 24th 2012, 3:23

      OK alexr! You got it: look for more about real Scarlett by typing Scarlett Johansson clone in Google search bar and you would see much more then in The Island movie..

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    • aragorn01

      Feb 27th 2012, 14:47

      i still have a lil problem with Cap's modern suit. i hope it'll look better on the context of the actual FINISHED movie. as for ScarJo...she shoulda been slimmer and leaner, like she was in Iron Man 2.

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    • FBSRobinson

      Feb 28th 2012, 13:30

      Bring it on...New Avengers for an's gotta be better then that rubbish (the Artist) that just won! Oh Scarlett your perfect the way you are...can't beat those curves. I'm sick of seeing Actresses that are nothing more then a bag of bones...

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