New Avengers news, pics and behind the scenes vids

Friday afternoon taken care of…

The Avengers has released a job-lot of new material online today, including lots of new images, a series of behind the scenes videos and even some news about what we can expect from Thor 2.

For starters, Marvel bigwig Kevin Feige spoke with Collider recently, and has revealed that Loki will not be the primary antagonist in the forthcoming Thor sequel. "Loki has a part," he explains, "but there will be a different villain, another big villain. But you can't do a Thor movie without Loki."

"While the relationship between Loki and Thor certainly has changed and has progressed," he continues, "a lot of Thor 2 is picking up where it left off in terms of Jane, and also what's been going on in the nine realms without the Asgardians being able to use the Bifrost. I will just say it's not good."

Intriguing stuff, we think you'll agree. Meanwhile, Trailer Addict have dug out approximately twenty minutes of behind the scenes footage for The Avengers, all of which is soundtracked by Alan Silverstri's official score.

The videos have been broken into four parts, and you can check them all out below. They're not terribly spoilery, but probably best to avoid if you want to go in cold…

And finally, a whole host of hi-res images have been posted online ahed of the film's big release, featuring everything from the Helicarrier to the Tesseract via Hulk getting his smash on. We really can't wait until 26 April roles around, but until it does, you can feast your eyes on the bounty below...


Thoughts on the new material? Suggestions for Thor 2's big bad? Share them with us, below.


    • FBMRawlinson

      Apr 13th 2012, 20:02

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 13th 2012, 23:26

      Perhaps Thor 2 will introduce the sons of Muspell, Surtr could be the big baddie at the end of the film, or perhaps Enchantress will be causing trouble across the nine worlds. But I guess we'll see, those two sound like the best ways to go though. Although with the news of Ben Kingsley playing some random scientist in Iron Man 3 rather than there being a well known villain we could possibly see Thor battling some random rubbish monster. That picture of Loki sat in a Quinjet looks very suspicious.

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    • FBDGwyther

      Apr 14th 2012, 18:33

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