New Avengers TV spot focuses on Thor: watch now

"You've got a mean swing"

The Avengers has released a new extended TV spot following the one devoted to Captain America, with Thor getting his moment in the spotlight this time around.

The Norse God will have one of the more interesting character arcs of the Avengers given that it is his brother who is the villain, and that tension is hinted at here in an exchange between he and Nick Fury.

There is also evidence that the culture clash comedy of Thor will return, with the big man making a bemused assessment of his teammates and their quarrelling.

Take a look at the new teaser, below…

That action sequence involving Thor atop the Chrysler building promises to be one of the more spectacular scraps of the movie, while we're still intrigued by what causes he and Cap to go head to head like that.

All will be revealed when the Avengers assemble in UK cinemas on 26 April. In the meantime, we can probably look forward to an extended Iron Man spot any day now…

How do you think Thor's arc will play out? Share your theories, below.


    • Hadouken76

      Apr 12th 2012, 12:23

      Capt American must be Thor'd out .. boom boom

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    • FBCRoe

      Apr 12th 2012, 13:12

      The Hammer is mightier than The Shield......

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    • FBMBurgess

      Apr 12th 2012, 14:30

      It's Hammer Time...

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 12th 2012, 19:37

      I'm looking forward to the Iron Man focused tv spot

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