New banners for The Amazing Spider-Man

Suited and booted

A trio of new banners for The Amazing Spider-Man have emerged online, and they’re taking a very different tack to the new teaser poster released at the weekend.

Designed to promote the film to the international market, the new artwork is loud, colourful and extremely reminiscent of the Sam Raimi films. In fact, if you didn’t know the back story behind the project, you’d probably assume this was a continuation of that series, rather than a fresh new start.

They certainly represent a change of pace when compared to the mean and moody image being used in the domestic market. That said, the suit still looks pretty good, and we’re particularly liking that bobbled exterior.

Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man will be released in 3D, and arrives in UK cinemas on 4 July 2012.

Are you excited by the new Spidey film, or underwhelmed by the webslinger's return? Tell us, below.


    • StevePotter

      Dec 13th 2011, 20:25

      The suit doesn't look bad, excluding the mask. Seriously, what is up with that thing?

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    • willow138

      Dec 14th 2011, 16:29

      yea Not loving these. The moody image with the spider shadow worked way better in my opinion

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