New cast members for Evil Dead remake

Jessica Lucas and Elizabeth Blackmore are heading to the woods

The Evil Dead, the upcoming update of Sam Raimi’s seminal horror, is adding a couple of new names to the cast, with the group of cabin-goers soon to be complete.

First up is Melrose Place actress Jessica Lucas, who will play the best friend of Jane Levy’s character, a recovering drug addict looking to go cold turkey. Handily, she’s a nurse, which should come in helpful when the gang start ripping each other’s throats out.

Also in talks to join the cast is Elizabeth Blackmore, a relative newcomer who will play the fiancé of Shiloh Fernandez’s character. She doesn’t know the rest of the group so well, which in our book, makes her odds on to be the first to turn deadite.

Traditionally, it’s always a female character who’s the first to become possessed, although don’t rule out the final member of the group, Eric, played by Beginners star Lou Taylor Pucci.

Co-scripted by Diablo Cody, Rodo Sayagues and director Fede Alvarez, with input from Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, TheEvil Dead will open in the US on 12 April 2013, with a UK release date yet to be confirmed.

How do you think the cast is shaping up? Tell us what you reckon, below.


    • FBJRider

      Mar 8th 2012, 13:47

      Depends if there's a black guy, for some reason writers like to kill them off first. You make a good point with the odd one out girl but they could go the other way and her be one of the few remaining near the end which brings her closer to the others

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