New Dark Knight Rises trailer to air during England Vs France

Euro 2012 match becomes essential watch for film fans



The Dark Knight RisesUK Facebook page has just posted a cryptic status update that will be exciting for football and film fans alike.

The update was a series of numbers - 11.06.12 17.45 - or, to be more precise, half-time of the Euro 2012 game between England and France.

So, unless the Dark Knight Rises UK Facebook account is really, really excited about watching the latest Petis Filous advert, we predict that there'll be a new trailer running in-between Adrian Chiles blathering on about how low-expectations means that England will definitely, definitely win Euro 2012.

And, considering the build-up, we wouldn't be surprised if the whole ad-break was dedicated to The Dark Knight Rises. Which would make a change from those five-second Rises stings which have started to appear on the commercial channels.

They're obviously ridiculously cool, but we're not sure if we can handle any more teasing. We can't remember ever being this excited about a film. 

Anyway, tune into England Vs France to see the Fire Rise. And the French dive. Probably.

Will you be watching? Tell us!


    • FBRWoods

      Jun 11th 2012, 17:28 a great article on the dark knight

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    • Heisenberg

      Jun 11th 2012, 20:45

      Missed it myself, but its been a while since i read anything or viewed anything to do with TDKR. Like the first two, i knew very little going in, the main villian and some pics seen to set the tone is all i needed, this bats has been treated with the same m.o. and i cannot f*****g wait! booked my tickets to the midnight showing on 19th July!!

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    • FBMBurgess

      Jun 11th 2012, 22:28

      There's a new Batman film?

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    • Ali1748

      Jun 12th 2012, 0:58

      The trailer was more exciting than the game.

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    • moviemichael

      Jun 12th 2012, 2:59

      I"m so excited about this film even more then I was with the first two Nolan versions. I'm also excited to see Anne as Catwoman. I still think Michelle was the best, craziest Catwoman ever!!!

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    • EddieFelson

      Jun 12th 2012, 9:38

      I cant wait to see a Giant baby wipe out Gotham!

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