New Deathly Hallows: Part 2 poster appears

“It all ends here”

A new poster for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has been revealed.

It comes after a slew of character banners hit the web last week. The new one-sheet features Harry, Ron and Hermione in what looks like a partially destroyed Hogwarts.

You can find the full image below:


Part 2 of the epic finale sees the forces of good and evil do battle on the grounds of Hogwarts, and Harry Potter may be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice as he gets ever closer towards a climactic showdown with Lord Voldemort.

As the poster says, “It all ends here.” You can see it all end on 15 July 2011 in IMAX 3D, 3D and 2D.

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Is this poster artistic wizardry? Looking forward to seeing a war of wizards? Give us your thoughts…


    • elgar7

      Jun 14th 2011, 12:08

      Love this :)

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    • apo1978

      Jun 14th 2011, 13:31

      They better "un-Americanize" the date for the UK version. Or perhaps it all ends at precisely a quater-past-seven?

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    • elgar7

      Jun 14th 2011, 13:58


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    • nacho316

      Jun 14th 2011, 14:24

      It All Ends...................FINALLY fookin sick of Harry Poofter glad when it'll be over and done with ;)

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    • SamaElPrime

      Jun 14th 2011, 19:34

      Neat idea, but is it just me or the poster isn weirdly drawn? It looks weird to me, specially Harry's and hermione's faces...

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