New featurette for The Avengers: watch now

Kevin Feige gives a tour around the props department

Marvel president Kevin Feige must be a happy man right now. Having seen Marvel studios slave away for seven years bringing various different strands of their existing universe together, the end product has set new box office records in the form of The Avengers.

Having seen the film a number of times, we still haven't had our fill of the spandex-clad super-team, which is why we were delighted to dig out a new featurette in which Feige conducts a guided tour around the Marvel props department.

Feige is only too happy to tap into his inner fanboy as he waxes lyrical over Captain America's shield, the tesseract and the new design for what he describes as "the Ruffalo Hulk".

Check out the new featurette below…

The enthusiasm on show here gives you some idea of why these films have been such a great success: the people making them are every bit as obsessive and geeky as the audiences they're being made for.

You'll also notice that Feige says the tesseract will continue to play a big part throughout the Marvel universe in the various sequels to come. Too early to start speculating about what we can expect from The Avengers 2? It's never too early... post those theories below!

What storyline do you think the sequel will follow? Tell us, below...


    • FBMBurgess

      May 7th 2012, 11:33

      Over-arching Civil War story! Pleeeeeease!

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    • FBJRider

      May 8th 2012, 22:47

      Well we already know some parts of 'Avengers Assemble Again'. Thanos, Infinity Gauntlet, Tesseract/Cosmic Cube, The Avengers, Shield. I think just those words alone describe the sequel as being even better than the first one

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