New featurettes for Prometheus: watch now

Learn how the visual effects were created

Prometheuscontinues to release new material into the ether, with a pair of new featurettes emerging online detailing how some of the film's more visually arresting sequences were created.

It's worth noting that if you haven't already seen Prometheus, there are a few mild spoilers in the videos, so anyone still wanting to watch the film should proceed with caution.

The first video deals with the film's opening scene, and explains the thinking behind the choice of visuals for the Engineer's dissolving DNA. The second moves on to the Prometheus itself, and how the landing sequence was shot.

Take a look at the new videos, below…

Given that the visual effects were one of the main elements of the film that can't really be criticised, its interesting to see how these scenes were created. As it was on the big screen, the collision between the Prometheus and the Engineers' ship is particularly impressive.

It seems as though Fox are keen to keep discussion surrounding the film alive for as long as possible, and with that in mind, don't be surprised to hear news of a sequel being greenlit before too long...

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