New footage from Bruce Willis thriller Surrogates

Get a better look at the futuristic murder mystery…

In a different track from what is clearly becoming Trailer Day – Disney has released a chunk of footage from Surrogates, combined with director Jonathan Mostow talking the film up.

Adapted from the graphic novel – and apparently losing some of the book’s grittiness along the way – Surrogates is set in a near-future world where robotic likenesses of everyday people allow them to experience the world from the comfort of their own homes.

But all is not well – a college student linked to the man who created the ‘bot replica idea in the first place turns up murdered.

Which means that FBI agent Greer (Bruce Willis) must leave the confines of his home to investigate.

It looks intriguing, even if it might not have the edge of the original. Take a look at the footage below and give us your thoughts.


    • koolerking

      May 12th 2009, 8:15

      I would tell you what i think if i could see the flippin trailer and TF didn't rely on youtube for its footage.

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