New Friday The 13th trailer is here

Jason’s on the hunt

The new trailer for the remake of Friday The 13th has arrived online.

Yahoo Movies has the footage, which features more of Jason Voorhees slicing, dicing, stabbing and… er… boating his nubile teenage victims.

You know the story this time around – a group of horny teens arrive at Camp Crystal Lake to get drunk and have a good time, only to be picked off one by the murderous Mr Voorhees.

Poster arrives

There’s a new poster online to boot – and you can see that in our gallery, along with some other images from the pic.

So, was this new trailer enough to win you around? Or are you still dead set against the idea of a new Friday The 13th? Tell us below!

[Source: Yahoo Movies]


    • mattiemovie

      Dec 5th 2008, 15:19

      So far I have liked all of Michael Bay's horror remakes, cause they look cool like Mr Bay's movies, besides the dude who plays Sam in Supernatural (awesome TV drama) is in Friday 13th; he's bound to be able to whoop young Jason's a*s! He might even get to fire some rocksalt rounds at him...

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