New Half-Blood Prince trailer online

Some fresh footage from the latest Potter pic

A new international trailer has surfaced online for Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.

The promo, which bears the voice-over “this year” (leading many to think it was either made before the release date swap or was intended to arrive next year), features some new footage, giving us more from Harry and co, as opposed to the Voldemort-focused teaser.

It still looks dark and action-packed, though it won’t help anyone still gutted by the date shift to control themselves. You can see the trailer below.



    • magicwings

      Oct 27th 2008, 11:12

      Is it just me that this film actually looks GOOD? IMO, the other adaptations have been really sub-par... this is a book that didn't really have too much going on in the bulk of the story, it looks like they've really made an effort to transfer it into a good film. I hope that it's at least better than Order of the Phoenix!

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    • chicks

      Oct 27th 2008, 15:24

      Didn't you like Order of the Pheonix? I have a renewed interest in the franchise since David Yates took over the reigns. I think he *almost* gets it.

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    • magicwings

      Oct 27th 2008, 16:21

      No, I wasn't too big a fan of OOTP for a few reasons... for starters, I think it's the least interesting book (nothing really happens until the end). Although it was the closest book-to-screen adap of the series so far, it didn't feel like a film, more a series of events following on from each other without feeling like it was leading to a climax - it just made me feel bored of waiting for something to happen. The ending in the Ministry of Magic was spectacular though!

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    • flikQ

      Oct 28th 2008, 16:14

      I personally think the best 2 films were Prisoner & Goblet, in terms of keeping you interested. I am not expecting this to cover as much as the book, but it at least appears to have grabbed all the important bits. Its looks pretty impressive visually so I hope it lives up to the trailer.

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