New Hulk movie to arrive after Avengers 2?

Contains potential spoilers

Ever since Mark Ruffalo signed on to play the Hulk in The Avengers there has been talk of a possible standalone movie, and some digging by Latino Review suggests that his moment in the spotlight may come after the arrival of Avengers 2.

According to the site, Avengers 2 will feature a post-credits scene that tees up a standalone Hulk movie, with the big green rage-ball being deemed too unstable to be allowed to stay on Earth.

Hulk is then blasted off into space to follow a storyline based around the comic-book, Planet Hulk, in which our hero winds up on the planet Sakaar, where he leads a rebellion against the evil Red King.

That in turn will set up the events of Avengers 3, in which Hulk and his new army of followers return to Earth to get him some payback, following the Avengers vs. Hulk arc featured in the World War Hulk book.

Now obviously none of this has received any official confirmation, but we’d love to see the Hulk taken into more interesting territory than simply smashing on demand for S.H.I.E.L.D. And what better villain for the Avengers to ultimately face, than a pissed off member of their own ranks?

We’ll find out if the rumours are true when Avengers 2 lands in the UK on 1 May 2015.

Would you like to see the series take a Hulk-centric turn? Tell us, below!


    • marvelboy

      Feb 4th 2013, 9:15

      while i want a new hulk film - Planet hulk is not the right story for the big screen - for starters they need to establish him more on earth first, potential for the Leader and a cameo from Jennifer Walters (that would hint at civil war)

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    • russellemery

      Feb 4th 2013, 9:34

      This sounds like a load of baloney to me - i am sure that we have Kevin Feige saying that Avenger Civil War is most likely to be the plot of Avengers 3!! Much better choice in my opinion - although i do wish they would hurry up and do a Hulk movie with Mark R.

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    • CaptainCrazy

      Feb 4th 2013, 9:57

      Planet Hulk and the Red Hulk saga are two of the more lame storylines in Hulk's history. I hope they find a better comic to crib from or just, now hold on to your trilby here, come up with an original story.

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    • Ali1748

      Feb 4th 2013, 11:05

      Sounds very ambitious.

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    • BobTheSkull

      Feb 4th 2013, 12:56

      Latino Review isn't exactly the most accurate of sources, even when they get it right. This sounds too much like one of their flights of fancy. I doubt this is legit at all. Civil War looks a lot more realistic to me.

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    • hermes16

      Feb 4th 2013, 21:55

      This sounds sweet. Im a big fan of the hulk comics and think this set up would be perfect. stories with hulk on earth are boring, its essential him vs the army. much better to take him to another planet and have hulk vs aliens! boom! and avengers 3 would be bad a*s as them vs hulk. cant wait

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    • FBJRider

      Feb 4th 2013, 22:18

      I'd love to see Planet/World War Hulk on the big screen but it just wouldn't work unless they strike up deals with Fox to work in FF and X-Men so they can have the Illuminati. If they could get deals for crossovers maybe they could have Avengers 3 be the Civil War set at the same time as Planet Hulk and then Avengers 4 be World War Hulk but as I said they need the character Fox owns and it would be better if they had Sony's characters too. I think it'll be a long while until we see these kind of big storylines at the cinema if ever. I imagine if they make a Hulk film in Phase 3 it'd be more sensible and safer to go with introducing Red Hulk and She-Hulk for now.

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    • Indianabones

      Feb 4th 2013, 22:57

      I could see it working (world war hulk) and would love to see Avengers Vs Hulk! Civil war seems maybe a bridge to far.... its an awful lot of work to get the cross overs done, Spidy still being owned by Sony and have Marvel got FF back yet? Would love to see Civil war but something tells me it will need a lot more than one film as well as other characters...... ah the dreams of what could be

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    • shakilahmed

      Feb 15th 2013, 7:00

      I would love to see hulk stand alone movie especially if it's planet hulk movie but not the idea of take that part of avengers 3 plot to fighting avengers with hulk. which mean hulk and his army will be main villain for avengers 3 which i don't want. rather then that i love to see skrull invasion on avengers 3.

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