New images arrive for Oz: The Great And Powerful

We're not in Kansas any more…

Oz: The Great And Powerful has released a batch of new images that have confirmed, if it was ever in doubt, that Sam Raimi's take on the merry old land of Oz is going to look very special indeed.

The film follows small-time Kansas magician Oscar Diggs (James Franco) as he strives to become "a great man". When his hot-air balloon becomes caught up in a vicious tornado, he finds himself marooned in a mysterious land, where the natives embrace him as the great wizard that had been predicted to deliver them from evil.

Pleased with his newfound recognition, Diggs happily accepts their adulation. However, a trio of witches played by Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams aren't so easily convinced, and it isn't long before Diggs' so-called "powers" are put under some rather in-depth scrutiny…

Up until now, much of the promotional material has focussed upon the film's lush and magical landscapes, a trend that hasn't been reversed by these latest images. However, there is a chance to check out Michelle Williams as Glinda, looking resplendent in her flowing white robes.

Co-starring Zach Braff, Tony Cox and Abigail Spencer, Oz: The Great And Powerful opens in the UK on 8 March 2013. Until then, you can familiarise yourself with Raimi's magical new playground, below...

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    • Chufferstud

      Jul 18th 2012, 11:20

      Yeah yeah yeah, looks lovely...Pacific Rim and Godzilla trailers please!

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    • Hadouken76

      Jul 18th 2012, 14:19

      You have got a long wait, those come out in 2014.

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    • Chufferstud

      Jul 18th 2012, 14:55

      The Comic-Con clips will surfice for now.

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