New images arrive from Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Plus Chris Evans talks about Cap and Falcon

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has released a trio of new images online, featuring a couple of shots of Cap looking pensive, along with an action shot featuring Anthony Mackie’s Falcon.

Chris Evans has also been discussing the relationship between his character and Falcon, and how the film throws them together.

“Meeting Mackie’s character, he used to serve, now he works at the VA, counselling guys who come home with PTSD — they connect on that level. I think they’re both wounded warriors who don’t bleed on other people.”

“Cap has no one to bleed on. I think Mackie knows how to handle people like that… Sometimes when things are bad, trusting a stranger is the way to go.”

Evans goes on to discuss the film’s contemporary relevance, as Rodgers finds himself forced to grapple with a modern moral maze in defending homeland security…

“For Steve, it’s about what is right,” says Evans. “He’s relatively acclimated to the modern day — it’s not tech shock anymore, he’s not just like, ‘What’s a cellphone?’”

“It’s more about, given his situation, given the company he works for, what are we doing that’s the right thing? How much privacy, civil liberties are we willing to compromise for security? It’s pretty crazy how relevant it is right now.”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
opens in the UK on 4 April 2014.

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    • crystakura

      Jan 13th 2014, 10:16

      It's hard to enjoy these Captain America movies when you constantly have to wipe the drool from your wifes mouth.

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    • SiMan

      Jan 13th 2014, 18:46

      Really looking forward to this and Guardians of the Galaxy now. Marvel really are shooting DC right out of the water

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    • chibik

      Jan 13th 2014, 19:46

      Drool from my wife's mouth? What about my own!

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