New images for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Now where did I put that axe?

2012’s most ludicrous-sounding film has released a new batch of images (perhaps to convince people that yes, this film really does exist) featuring the 16th President of the United States tooling up to fight the undead.

The new images show Lincoln (Ben Walker) brandishing his trusty axe, as well as Rufus Sewell and Erin Wasson turning the tables on our stovepipe-wearing hero.

The film rewrites the backstory of one of America’s great leaders to assert that Lincoln’s mother was killed by supernatural beasties. Vowing revenge, the President uses his precious spare time to slay the undead, aided and abetted by his assistant William Johnson (Anthony Mackie).

However, according to Walker the film will be more than just splatter and silliness – it will also give an insight into Lincoln’s character.

“It’s told through the structure of Lincoln’s actual life,” he says. “You not only see these huge fight scenes and great moments of drama, but you get sort of the greatest hits of Lincoln’s life, from the mysterious death of his mother through the Gettysburg address. You get a portrait of this man, as well as a thriller.”

And vampires, Ben. Don’t forget the vampires. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in the UK on 2 August 2012.

Will this be too silly for words, or is there a decent thriller lurking here? Tell us, below.


    • FBSHarrigan

      Mar 25th 2012, 20:25

      This is truly a brilliant idea. To make a beloved president, almost a folk hero, a vampire hunting hero. This has the potential to be an exceptional action comedy utilizing one of American history's most iconic leaders. It should at least be entertaining to watch once. It could also give those in the field of American Studies an interesting subject matter for a scholarly analysis paper. This is historical fiction at its most ludicrous, even more so than the Poe movie, and also most entertaining. The chronicle of Lincoln to vampire hunter to Presidential Vampire hunter should be a goofy and amusing ride. At the very least, it is not likely to be a boring movie. Hopefully it will not have all the correct elements and still fall flat as was the case with Van Hellsing. It will be hard to make Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter uninteresting, but not impossible.

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