New images for The Dark Knight Rises

Includes one of Lucius Fox!

The Dark Knight Riseshas debuted a clutch of new images in the latest Entertainment Weekly, including new looks at key players Bane, Catwoman and Batman himself.

The latest shots show Bane on another terrorist rampage, Catwoman in her slinky new suit and Batman in what looks like a much more lightweight version of his.

There's also a first look at the returning Lucius Fox, who had previously been so conspicuous from his absence in the promotional materials, we were starting to wonder whether he'd be making an appearance at all.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt also crops up as one of Gotham City PD's finest, although we still can't get a hold on what his character's deal is. Will he be working alongside Batman, or against him?

The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on 20 July 2012. Just in case you had forgotten why we're all so excited, take a look at the new images below...

What do you make of the new images? Tell us, below...


    • FBCRoe

      Apr 13th 2012, 9:41

      Is that an Ipad batman is holding......The BATPAD

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    • moviemind91

      Apr 13th 2012, 10:26

      I know these images don't reveal much but it's got me a little more excited! Anne Hathaway looks like she's gonna make a great Catwoman! My view on JGL's character is that he takes over Gordan's place when he is in hospital, or helps out Batman if Bane actually breaks the Bat's back.

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    • Mings

      Apr 13th 2012, 11:12

      I'm all for teaser images etc., but really I find it hard to get excited about Bruce Wayne talking casually in his dressing gown. If I was Lucius Fox I would take offense that my boss can't even be bothered to get dressed to give me a b@llocking.

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    • palladiosoldier

      Apr 13th 2012, 13:11

      Is it just me or is JGL's character the most interesting. I know that we know his name and that he works for Gotham PD but I can't help but think Nolan is going to throw a curveball with him and he is going to have a prominent role to play. I hope so anyway

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    • Ali1748

      Apr 13th 2012, 21:34

      palladiosoldier, I am hoping JGL will turn out to be Falcone's son.

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    • FBJRider

      Apr 13th 2012, 22:32

      Batman's definitely looking at pictures of Catwoman on his iPad

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    • EddieFelson

      Apr 14th 2012, 10:20

      Nah he's playing angry bat's

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    • Flynners

      Apr 14th 2012, 19:39

      judging by his face he's about to throw it at a crew member. Also I couldn't agree more with Mings, they always release pictures like that, what's the point? Judging by the hair and robe bruce wayne has a third identity, porn star Dirk Diggler to counter-balance the discipline of being Batman "I'm a star. I am a big, bright, shining star (whips out wallet)",

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    • FBGGulati

      Apr 18th 2012, 9:56

      Great images ! Drug Rehab

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    • FBGGulati

      Apr 18th 2012, 9:56

      There's also a first look at the returning Lucius Fox Regards

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