New images for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

A look inside Collinwood Manor

Dark Shadows, Tim Burton’s latest gothic adventure, has released a new batch of images featuring primary cast members Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jackie Earle Haley, as well as the interior of the foreboding Collinwood Manor.

Depp stars as the luckless Barnabas Collins, who is turned into a vampire by Eva Green’s heartbroken witch, buried alive and subsequently entombed for the best part of two centuries.

Inadvertently set free in 1972, Collins returns to Collinwood Manor only to discover his dysfunctional descendents harbouring a host of dark secrets of their own.

The new images show Collins becoming reacquainted with his former stamping ground, accompanied by Jackie Earle Haley’s grizzled caretaker. Michelle Pfeiffer also appears as the family matriarch, looking as age-defyingly gorgeous as ever.

The rest of the cast includes Helena Bonham Carter as the family’s live-in psychiatrist, Jonny Lee Miller as the black sheep and Chloe Moretz as a rebellious teenager. Dark Shadows will open in the UK on 11 May 2012.

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