New images from The Cabin In The Woods

And a new poster, too

The Cabin In The Woods has released a new set of stills that give us a first proper look at the more mysterious side of the film, as well as some more creepy shots of the cabin itself.

The most intriguing image appears to be set in the pristine operations centre that we caught a glimpse of in the official trailer. It gives us our first proper opportunity to check out Bradley Whitford's character, although it's not giving too much away as to what he's all about.

The medical coat worn by his colleague (played by Dollhouse's Amy Acker) is intriguing as well. Just who are these people, and why are they so interested in the spooky goings on at the titular cabin?

Speaking of which, there are also a couple of images covering the horror in the woods, with a zombified arm reaching in through a window towards a terrified Kristen Connolly.

A new poster for The Cabin In The Woods has been unveiled, and it's splattered with quotes from critics and movie blogs illustrating the love that the film has received at preview screenings. Take a look below:

And, The Cabin In The Woods is also running a fun Twitter race, or Road Twip, if you will. Hit the afore-linked link for details on how to get involved (and possibly win a pretty cool prize).

It probably helps not to know too much going in, so we're glad the cabin isn't spilling all of its secrets before it arrives in UK cinemas. The Cabin In The Woods opens here on 13 April 2012, when all will finally become clear... 

What do you think is going on at The Cabin In The Woods? Share your theories below...


    • badger86

      Mar 29th 2012, 12:29

      Managed to get a pair of tickets for an advanced screening a few days back. The film was excellent, a lot of fun. Snappy, witty, and crammed with in jokes. There were points where it was in danger of becoming a little silly but Goddard managed to reign it in with skill. If you like whedon or your a horror fan it's pretty much a must see.

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