New international banners for The Avengers

Some assembly required



Some smart new banners for Marvel’s superhero epic The Avengers have arrived online.

The panoramic promos split the supervillain-battling force into two groups, because, let’s face it, there’s too many heroes to cram onto one poster.

The most iconic members of the team (Iron Man, Thor, Cappy) occupy one banner, while Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow star in the other, with the big bad of the piece, Loki, skulking in the sidelines.

The artwork is the big, bold style we’ve come to expect from the Marvel supergroup, in stark contrast to the dark, gritty one-sheets that most blockbusters seem to go for these days. Check out the banners now:

The Avengers opens on 27 April 2012, kicking off an epic summer for movies.

Are you a fan of The Avengers' artwork? Or would you prefer a bit more grit on the posters? Tell us!


    • Zandman75

      Dec 15th 2011, 12:37

      Bad. Looks like they're not even shot in the same photo session, just randomly assembled pics of the individual characters mashed together... and matched poorly, as well.

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    • apo1978

      Dec 15th 2011, 14:00

      They're alright. At least better than the X-Men: First Class ones....sheeeshhh!

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    • Hadouken76

      Dec 15th 2011, 14:25

      Banner A: People you like... Banner B: The others.

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    • dharmab

      Dec 15th 2011, 16:35

      Saying that these are new is a flat out lie. These have been online for about two months.

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    • Dalekbuster523

      Dec 16th 2011, 20:30

      That looks mint.Really want to see the Avengers at cinema.

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