New international trailer for 21 Jump Street

Jonah and Channing go undercover

A new international trailer has gone online for upcoming cop comedy 21 Jump Street, featuring a couple of new snippets of footage alongside the some familiar exposition from earlier teasers.

Granted, there’s not a huge amount of new material on display here, but what there is is pretty funny. Watch out in particular for the scene in which a family friend looks set to blow Jonah Hill’s cover at the local shoe store...

You can take a look at the new trailer below…

Although not all the gags hit the mark, we’re still hopeful that this one could strike a solid balance between chucklesome comedy and thrilling action movie. It’s a tricky balance to get right, so let’s hope directorial double-act Phil Lord and Chris Miller have done their homework.

21 Jump Street
arrives in UK cinemas on 16 March 2012. Until then, you can amuse yourselves by practising barrel-rolling over the car bonnet. Trust us, it’s great!

A good blend of action and comedy or a lopsided mess? Tell us what you're predicting, below.

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