New international trailer for Gangster Squad: watch now

"We're going to war"

Gangster Squad has released a new international trailer boasting a few unseen bits of footage while retaining all the slippery cool of the first effort.

Set in 1949, the film sees Josh Brolin star as a former cop who returns from military service to find Los Angeles in the grip of vicious gangster Mickey Cohen. Unimpressed with the way his city is slipping int the mire of organised crime, Brolin rallies a crack team of coppers to band together and take down the new kingpin.

Once again the trailer is full of slick action, razor-sharp dialogue (apart from those lines mangled by Nick Nolte's near-incomprehensible delivery) and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone re-charging their Crazy Stupid Love chemistry to significant effect.

Check it out, below…

While we could do without the current vogue for looping Jay-Z over trailers for period movies (see The Great Gatsby for another case in point), there's no detracting from just how damn cool this one is looking. Brolin's granite-jawed stoicism vs. Penn's jittery energy? Bring it on!

Directed by Ruben Fleischer and co-starring Anthony Mackie, Michael Pena and Giovanni Ribisi, Gangster Squad opens in the UK on 9 November 2012. Time to party like its 1949.

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    • kohoraa

      Jul 11th 2012, 11:00

      Slick moves and slick trailer, but... Couldn't quite catch the angle from the trailer. I can guess what it is but it needs a bit more underlining and bolding to be more distinctive..

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