New international trailer for The Bourne Legacy: watch now

Jeremy Renner gets his punch on

The Bourne Legacy has released a new international trailer in which Jeremy Renner's rogue agent shows off some of his best moves, while various CIA big-shots tear their hair out in frustration.

Renner plays Aaron Cross, an "outcome agent" described by Ed Norton's character as "Treadstone, without the inconsistency." However, he doesn't stay in the CIA's pocket for very long, and soon, Norton and co are forced to take him out before he becomes a risk to the programme.

The new trailer is pretty similar to the domestic one, although there are a couple of new shots and snippets in here to pique the interest.

Take a look at the new trailer, below…

We said it before but we'll say it again, as good a job as Matt Damon did throughout the original trilogy, Jeremy Renner looks a more than acceptable replacement. Plus, there's always Joan Allen, Albert Finney and David Strathairn to placate those of a nostalgic bent…

As for the plot, director Tony Gilroy revealed earlier this week that The Bourne Ultimatum would be the jumping off point for his film, with the cilmax of the original trilogy setting in motion the events of Legacy.

The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on 17 August 2012.

Do you think Legacy will live up to the original trilogy? Tell us, below...

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