New International Watchmen trailer online

With some new footage snippets

A new international promo for Watchmen has hit the mighty Intertubes.

While American fans got some fresh footage in a film montage posted at iTunes, those of us here in the UK were left seething and/or hoping someone would upload the footage to YouTube.

But now yet another variant on the trailer, this one viewable around the world, is online at Sky Movies.

New glimpses

There are just a couple of new glimpses to be had here –but we won’t spoil anything… Watch it below.

Question: Which is better, the Terminator Salvation trailer or the Watchmen trailer?



    • EthanRunt

      Dec 11th 2008, 9:57

      Shame we can't see the montage thing, if it's pretty much what they showed at Comic and Movie Con then it was a pretty sweet sequence, set to some music that was chosen to apparently "give it the same tone as the film" which was nice music, but isn't as cool as Smashing Pumpkins by any means. Terminator still looks c**p though, in answer to that question, only seen one good moment so far, and that's Bale's face being stroked by a terminator hand and then screaming "You son of a b***h!" Hysterical.

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