New Judge Dredd movie on the way

$50m reboot is greenlit by DNA Films…


Deadline are reporting that Judge Dredd will be returning to the big screen in a new feature directed by Vantage Point’s Pete Travis.

After persistent whispers that the enforcement officer from the future would be making a filmic comeback, it was confirmed this week that Andrew Macdonald’s DNA Films have agreed to finance a 3D reboot with a (piddling) budget of $50m.

Why do we care? Especially after Sly Stallone’s stillborn previous attempt at a cinematic adap? Well, one Alex Garland has written the script to return the concept “to its origins”.

Thought that might get your attention. Brit novelist and screenwriter Garland has scribbled any number of intriguing scripts, from The Beach and Sunshine to 28 Days Later.

Garland could be just the man to return Dredd to his pulpy roots and ensure a new film has the requisite darkness and weirdness.

That budget is obviously DNA Films treading very carefully, though, especially considering the Stallone flick was made for $100m and made, well, nowhere near that at the box office.

Now we just need a suitably beefy actor to fill those giant future-boots.

Who do you fancy seeing in the role?

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    • agentblackacid

      May 11th 2010, 9:09


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    • jem0013

      May 11th 2010, 11:25

      Just get a cheap unknown British stage actor with decent acting chops to do Dredd the justice he needs. He doesn't need a well known face as he will, hopefully, NEVER remove his helmet.

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    • Ali1748

      May 11th 2010, 22:32

      Praise Zeus.

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    • Binary77

      May 11th 2010, 23:55

      It's gotta be Jason Statham as Dredd - he's even got the 'Desperate Dan' style jawline! And I agree, he should NEVER take the helmet off.

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    • Rosewood09

      May 12th 2010, 11:18

      I'll withhold judgement til I know more - fingers crossed they dont aim this one at kids and go for a more fitting '18' certification as the comics were pretty brutal in places.

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