New Men in Black III onset photo

Out of this world sneak peek

A new image from the New York set of Men in Black III has just been revealed.

The picture, which was taken by a city resident, shows a rather ostentatious motorcycle that would make even the most hardened Hell’s Angel look slightly ridiculous.

But with that signature Men in Black chrome and sleek silver curves, there’s no doubt that the saviours of the universe are back in business. 

Men in Black III is set for release on May 23rd 2012.

Does this picture get you excited, or would you like J and K to flash the neuralizer? If your memories aren't erased, let us know.


    • badger86

      Jul 8th 2011, 16:44

      'What is IT and where can i buy one'

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    • trist808

      Jul 8th 2011, 16:47

      Where the Hell do you guys get your info? October??? I don't think so, try again, MIB III is released May 25th 2012 :-) The bike thingy looks like a rip-off of General Grievous' cycle in the Star Wars prequels (ugh!)

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    • Arethosemyfeet

      Jul 8th 2011, 16:50

      Mr Garrison invented one of those in a South Park episode.

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    • trist808

      Jul 8th 2011, 17:12

      Yeah, he did, Christ they're stealing from South Park now?? lol

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    • oakeys1

      Jul 8th 2011, 19:26

      This design was used years ago by Otomo for Steamboy.

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    • noodle84

      Jul 8th 2011, 22:28

      Arethosemyfeet beat me to it dammit :-) PROOF!

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