New Moon’s title will change

Don’t get overexcited now, Twilighters…

Yes, New Moon is getting a slight title tweak.

No, it’s not being changed to Revenge Of The Pale Blokes. In keeping with the current trend of largely numeral free sequels, Summit has decided to name the new film The Twilight Saga’s New Moon.

Which of course means it’ll be shortened to New Moon whenever anyone says it.

MTV got a first look at the logo, which is pretty much what you might expect – more of the same typeface, just orange. And with a moon.

Oh, but the pic leaves out the possessive “s” from the title. No idea why.

That is all. You may now return to your fevered anticipation.

[Source: MTV]

So tell us: Most awesome name change evah or worst idea in the history of bad ideas omg!!1!!?


    • mattburgess

      Feb 20th 2009, 21:50

      Fevered anticipation? Would that just be the girls aged 12 to 17 who loved the last one, then? Every production company's just looking for the next Harry Potter.

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    • Mizzfit02

      Feb 22nd 2009, 18:27

      Since the title is New Moon.... Then they should at least have the moon the right way.

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    • oxowardn

      Feb 23rd 2009, 11:59

      Not every single production company is dying to see Harry Potter, Sir. Maybe you should just speak for yourself. I love the Twilight Saga!

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    • oxowardn

      Feb 23rd 2009, 12:04

      Excuse me... I really don't think that you would know if every single, solitary production company is dying to see Harry Potter. Which they probably are not. Maybe you should speak for yourself, sir. Twilight is amazing. Obviously, your Team James.

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    • FrenchFry

      Apr 1st 2009, 5:44

      They named it Twilight saga to emphasise that it is in a series, just incase some people don't realise it is the sequal to Twilight. And yes if you have read the series its a little more deep than just a production company looking for another 'Harry Potter'. And if you had read anything, possibly even checked your facts you would have heard that alot of middle aged woman and alot of men also enjoy the series. Perhaps you should rethink before writing..

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