New on-set images for The Avengers

Marvel releases some more stills

Well that didn’t take long, did it? It was only yesterday that we were musing as to how much more promotional material Marvel were going to release ahead of their big superhero blowout, and here we are today with a whole new batch of images from The Avengers.

The new snaps are of the behind-the-scenes variety, with Joss Whedon popping up left right and centre to give his galaxy of stars a few words of advice. And to muck about with Captain America’s shield…

Elsewhere, there’s a look at Hawkeye engaging in some explodey action, while Iron Man attempts to remain focused with a clapboard up in his grill.

In case you don’t already have the date bored into your subconscious, The Avengers will open in the UK on 26 April. Until then, you can take a look at the on-set action below…

Are you enjoying the steady flow of promotional material, or should Marvel keep it under their hats? Tell us, below.


    • OvalteenJenkins

      Mar 27th 2012, 12:40

      Keep it under their hats, there is way too much material out so far! Like I can not wait until The Avengers is out but I also want a bit of a surprise when I go see it.

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