New on-set images from Dark Knight Rises' Trump Tower shoot

Take a look at Wayne Enterprises

Bruce Wayne's closest real-world approximation is apparently Donald Trump.

Well, that's if these new on-set shots featuring Trump Tower doubling for the Wayne Enterprises building are anything to go by.

Obviously spoiler-phobes should turn away now, but there's nothing too revealing on display here, just some nice scene-setting.

Close-up shots of Christian Bale show him looking more Bateman than Batman (it's all down to the hair), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also snapped on set.

Check out a selection of images, courtesy of Superhero Hype and Celebuzz, below:

The Dark Knight Rises
opens on 20 July 2012, and yes, we're counting down the days.

Would you like to see Bruce Wayne hosting The Apprentice? Do you think there's more to JGL's cop character than they're letting on? Talk to us!


    • Jeffbiscuits

      Oct 29th 2011, 13:22

      JGL looks like he smells a fart

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    • joshareynolds

      Oct 29th 2011, 14:13

      Of course there's more to JGL's character than meets the eye. Surely Nolan wouldn't hire such a good actor only to have him as an unimportant character!!!

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    • revan1138

      Oct 29th 2011, 16:31

      christian bale looks like bela legosi i think.

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