New pics of Robin Hood online

Russell Crowe, Russell Crowe riding… on an ATV?

No, we don’t think the picture below is actually taken from Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood film – it’s just Russell Crowe and a couple of Merry Men getting to the set.

But if you head over to the gallery on the right, you’ll see some imagery of Hood in that different costume riding something a little more period appropriate.

The film, meanwhile, is busily shooting around the woods of England and Wales, with Scott Grimes (pictured below in the passenger seat) as Will Scarlet and Wolverine’s Kevin Durand as Little John.

We’ll have to wait until next May to find out if this latest take on the Hood mythology works  - and whether it’ll actually stick with the Robin Hood title.

Meanwhile, skip on over to the gallery at right to see the rest of the pics, courtesy of Just Jared.


    • monodogg

      Jun 19th 2009, 12:42

      this could be Ridley's atonement for Kingdom of Heaven,

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