New pics of Sherlock Holmes, Ninja Assassin and more!

It's autumn movie season. Bring on the imagery...

With summer giving its last gasp, we're about to dive headlong into autumn movie season, so the studios are releasing lots of fresh imagery.

MTV has a batch of new images, most of which you can see below.

Among the bigger releases featured are Sherlock Holmes, Ninja Assassin, The Lovely Bones and Up In The Air.

Oh, and a new pic of Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body, but we're sure no one will be interested in that. (Kidding - it's at the bottom, folks).

Let us know what your most anticipated pic of the new season is and enjoy the images...

The Invention Of Lying


Ninja Assassin

Red Cliff

Sherlock Holmes


The Informant!

The Lovely Bones

Up In The Air

Jennifer's Body


    • maninacan

      Aug 25th 2009, 11:30

      red cliff is already out i saw it few months ago unless they re releasing it at te original chineese length

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    • Ali1748

      Aug 25th 2009, 19:29

      Are you trying to make me drop my pants with that last image ?

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    • supat2009

      Sep 7th 2009, 22:04

      ninja assasin looks like a good movie,looking forward to seeing that one.

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