New Poster for Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

It's pretty badass...

Neveldine / Taylor’s upcoming Ghost Rider sequel roars into UK cinemas in February, and if it’s anything like as OTT as the new poster, we’ll be in for a treat.

An animated affair focusing on the flame-skulled avenger rather than Nicolas Cage, the new artwork suggests Marvel’s second bite at the cherry will be a more hard-bitten affair than the underwhelming original.

Meanwhile Columbia has also revealed the six finalists for their Face of the Fan poster contest, in which participants were challenged to create their own posters for a chance to win a trip to the premiere.

You can take a look at the shortlisted entries here, and vote for which one you reckon should win. For what it’s worth, we like Janee M’s effort the best…

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance will find Cage’s Johnny Blaze in hiding in Eastern Europe, only to be recruited by a religious sect who want him to rescue a young boy from Satan’s clutches. You can check it out for yourself when the film arrives in UK cinemas on 17 February 2012.


Which of the posters do you like the best? Tell us, below.


    • marc96

      Dec 13th 2011, 21:55

      meh.... i would like this film to be good but i think i'll be waiting to rent it or catch it on sky... just doesnt excite me

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