New poster & trailer for our favourite film at Sundance '09

It’s Dead Snow. It’s a Nazi-zombie splatterfest. It's something you need see.

You probably haven’t heard of Dead Snow. Don’t worry - we won’t hold that against you. Let us summarise: it’s a Norwegian film about Nazi Zombies.

Showing at Sundance this week, Dead Snow looks like it’s going to shake up the festival by being everything the standard introverted, self-indulgent, SERIOUS indie fodder isn’t.

There’s blood. Gore. Zombies. References to Indiana Jones. We’d suggest looking at the trailer below, and stay tuned to Our Sundance coverage just got a whole lot more interesting:


Thanks to Rush Print for the poster


    • ThrashGordon

      Jan 15th 2009, 15:54

      sweet! Hope this doesn't disappoint like The Outpost did...

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