New Real Steel trailer online

“I’ve never seen anything like it before”

real steel

A second full trailer for Hugh Jackman’s robo-boxing sci-fi Real Steel has loaded online.

Vastly improving on the film’s first underwhelming trailer, this new look at Steel gives us a better idea of the human drama at the film’s core, as well as more roboxing action.

Jackman plays ex-boxer Charlie Kenton who’s lost his purpose in life after robots took over as the ring-bound fighters of choice.

When he reconnects with his young son, though, Kenton wonders if he can get back in the game again - with a little mechanical help.

Check out the new trailer below...

Showing off better CGI than we saw in Steel’s first trailer, as well as some pleasingly gritty, Blade Runner-inspired aesthetics, Jackman’s latest could end up being a fun post-summer blockbuster.

There are still a few niggles, though. Cutesy kid acting brings back horrible memories of The Phantom Menace, while the script could be too saccharine for its own good.

Still, with the promise of some great robo-clashes, Steel may just be able to win audiences over.

Real Steel opens 7 October.

Steel? Or steal? Will you be going to see this in cinemas? Or will you wait for the DVD? Talk to us below...


    • ChrisWootton

      May 11th 2011, 13:32

      An improvement? Looks even worse now

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    • writerdave87

      May 11th 2011, 16:14

      Mean Girls had more Blade Runner aesthetics than that. That child actor is going to ruin the film.

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