New sizzle reel for The Dark Knight Rises: watch now

New footage premieres at MTV Movie Awards

The Dark Knight Rises has released a new sizzle reel crammed full of new footage, with Warner Bros. giving it its first airing at this year’s MTV Movie awards.

Cutting a glut of new footage together into something that plays like an extended trailer, the video gives us a good look at Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman, as she works in tandem with Batman and issues a dire warning to JGL’s police officer.

Bane also gets his moment in the sun, growling a new line of dialogue (“Let the games begin”) for people to dissect to death. For the record, it sounded pretty clear to us...

Check out the new footage, below...

There’s even a wisecracking cop, just as there was in the first two films! That’s continuity for you. We also think the Batwing looks steadily more impressive the more we see of it. Lucius Fox seems to have outdone himself this time around...

The Dark Knight Rises will open in the UK on 20 July 2012, and will reportedly be packing a whopping two hour and 45 minute running time. Be sure to bring a cushion...

What do you think of the new footage? Tell us, below...


    • Ali1748

      Jun 4th 2012, 15:33

      Surely Gotham is a modern enough city to have a female penitentiary ?

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    • FBMMoore

      Jun 4th 2012, 18:10

      Link through to the Collider source web site at the bottom of the page to get a working video!

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    • Mattsimus

      Jun 4th 2012, 18:47

      @FBMMoore, nice work mate .................heres the link gang, Enjoy XMX

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    • SiMan

      Jun 4th 2012, 19:32

      Good shout with the collider link...studios can be such d****s some of the time! Looks like Nolan is taking at least a little bit of inspiration from the No Man's Land storyline. Should be epic. I just still hope they don't kill off Bruce Wayne. I can see that thematically, in Nolan's universe the idea that Wayne could die but someone else (maybe Jospeh Gordon Levitt's character, as a lot of rumours have suggested) take over the mantle is in keeping with his 'you become something else entirely...Legend....' idea from the first movie - but i'm an old school comic book nerd and Bruce Wayne is Batman. Period. He's said before that from the very beginning he's had an ending in mind for Batman - I truly hope he gives it the one it deserves. How dissapointing will it be if after a 2 hr 45 min movie, the last ten minutes is utter rubbish that ruins the whole trilogy (although that is the extreme scenario!)

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    • RJLove

      Jun 7th 2012, 19:17

      Does anyone know when we can book tickets for the Imax. Because in the US you can book tickets but it is not available yet in the UK...

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    • saltymcseabass

      Jun 11th 2012, 9:21

      Anybody got a working link for the video? Collider has taken it down as well.

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