New Star Wars Blu-ray trailer online

Scenes, behind the, they will go

A new trailer has been released for the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars
There's no shortage of promotion for this title: we've had an animation of a lightsaber cutting out a Blu-ray logo, video of never-before-seen footage released online and even an Apple app that previews the Blu-ray bonus content. 
Now there's an official new trailer to really excite your inner Jedi. 
"There is no escape..." 
That's Darth Vader talking, but it might as well be George Lucas himself, since sales suggest it's almost impossible to resist the lure of a new version of Star Wars. Especially one that's in shiny HD. 

Are these the discs you're looking for? What are you most excited about seeing on the latest release of Lucas' space opera? Or will seeing the films in hi-def be enough to satisfy? Answers below, padawans.

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