New The Princess And The Frog poster

Features Princess, also frog


Last week we brought you the first trailer for Disney's latest hand drawn classic The Princess And The Frog,  and because you've been good, this week you get a poster.

Based on the much loved children's story The Frog Princess, the film not only marks a return to the hand drawn style for Disney, their first in 5 years, but also features their first African American Princess, Tiana.

Check out the poster below, our regard to SlashFilm;

There you go, Frog and Princess, Princess and Frog.

Helpfully, the poster tells us that the film is released 'Holiday 2009', which is about the least specific release information in the history of film posters.

Because we take care of you like that, we can happily tell you you'll only have to wait til 12 February to see it here.

Has hand drawn animation had its day? Can this restore the faith? Let us know.


    • BeefOven

      Sep 25th 2009, 14:22

      Hand drawn animation will never doe! It just takes it a bit longer to climb the stairs these days...

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    • BeefOven

      Sep 25th 2009, 14:23

      I meant die, honest!

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