New Tintin image revealed

See fresh picture of intrepid ragamuffin

A new image from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated mo-cap animation, The Adventures of Tintin: Secrets of the Unicorn, has been revealed. 

It’s a moody one too, featuring everyone’s favourite globetrotting juvenile and his loyal Scottie dog, Snowy, in a shadow soaked library.

With a stare like that, whatever Tintin is reading must be pretty intense. We reckon it’s My Secret Unicorn, you know, for research…

 The Adventures of Tintin: Secrets of the Unicorn is slated for release on October 26th 2011.

Does this austere image get you ready for high adventure? Or is it a serious downer? Drop us a comment and let us know.


    • NickOrd54

      Jul 8th 2011, 17:03

      I used to like the Tintin books as a kid. Why can I not bring myself to give a monkeys about this film? I struggle to even read the previews without my attention wandering. I think this will be a massive flop, the characters and aesthetic are outdated for a modern audience.

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    • macateb

      Jul 8th 2011, 22:59

      I hope the animation is up to scratch. There's nothing worse than seeing a cg character talk and be put off by weird plasticky mouth movements.

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    • Cairo9

      Jul 9th 2011, 15:16

      the books were something special when i was a kid. The animation, the colour and the foreign locations used within the stories had immense appeal. I have faith that Steven Spielberg will honour that but if the animation is wrong it's going to be disappointing for those who grew up with Herge's adventures of Tintin. For todays generation they will probably enjoy something thats removed from Marvel and DC which saturates Hollywood at the present .

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