New trailer for Riddick: watch now

There’s a new poster online too

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for sci-fi sequel Riddick, in which Vin Diesel returns as the titular musclebound hard-case.

“This ain’t nothing new,” growls our hero in his gravelly voiceover, and indeed, the latest film seems to be made up of the same granite-tough badassery as its two predecessors.

The plot sees Riddick marooned on a hostile planet, the predatory occupants of which soon have him raising a distress flare. Sadly for him, the cavalry isn’t entirely benevolent either...

Take a look, below...

The new trailer has also been accompanied by a new poster, featuring Riddick’s piercing gaze and very little else. “Rule the dark,” says the tagline. It certainly looks as though he means to...

Directed by David Twohy and co-starring Karl Urban, Dave Bautista and Katee Sackhoff, Riddick will open in the UK on 6 September 2013.

What do you think of the new trailer? Tell us, below...


    • paulfroggatt

      May 16th 2013, 8:44

      been waiting for riddick for ages but i thought he had become a necromunger

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    • irishbrian

      May 16th 2013, 9:11

      Me Too Paul , Just Watched " Chronicles " A Couple Of Nights Ago , Riddick Kills The Grand Marshall & In Necromonger Law , " You Keep What You Kill " , He Ended Up By Default Becoming Their Leader & As I Notice Karl Urban`s name In The Cast List , & A Sneak Peek In The Trailer , Some Necro Shenanigan's Should Ensue. Bring On Autumn.......

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    • Ali1748

      May 16th 2013, 19:20

      Looks fun.

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